Balloon Twisting DVDs by Stretch

Stretch the Balloon Dude has been twisting balloons into fun and creative animals, hats, characters, and other shapes since he picked up his first balloon in 1989. Isolated from other twisters, and with no classes, conventions, or other ways to learn, Stretch developed his own style of twisting balloons through experimentation and the willingness to take on challenges when creating balloon art at birthday parties, restaurants, school carnivals, and other events.

In 2005 Stretch was invited to teach at Summer Balloon Camp in Las Vegas. The following year he was invited to be the featured instructor for “T Jam on the Road” hosted by T Myers and sponsored by Betallic. To go along with his classes for the six week long lecture tour, he produced his first instructional balloon twisting DVD entitled “Latex Lions & Rubber Rabbits.” Since that first release, Stretch has produced a total of 20 balloon twisting DVDs that have been purchased by balloon artists and entertainers around the globe, and are now available for purchase on Amazon. Click on the images below to view each DVD listing on Amazon. The description on the Amazon page will tell you a bit more about the DVD and its sculptures, and also allow you to buy it directly from their web site. The DVDs are created, packaged, and shipped directly from Amazon, so please contact them if you have any shipping or product issues.

Latex Lions and Rubber Rabbits education balloon twisting DVD

Twisted Turtles and Poppable Parrots balloon twisting DVD

Basic Training with Stretch educational balloon twisting dvd

Face Off balloon twisting DVD

On the Road with Stretch balloon twisting DVD

Twisted Deliveries balloon twisting DVD

Twisted Toppers balloon twisting DVD

Dr Stretchensteins Lab balloon twisting DVD

Twisting with Santa Stretch balloon twisting DVD

Under the Sea with Cap'n Stretch balloon twisting DVD

Jurassic Lark - The Twisted World balloon twisting DVD

The Good, the Bad, and the Twisted balloon twisting DVD

High Plains Twister balloon twisting DVD

Twist-O-Loons balloon twisting DVD

Stretch's Twisted Rider balloon twisting DVD

Stretch's Twisted Safari balloon twisting DVD

Stretch's Monkey Business balloon twisting DVD

Twisted World Airlines balloon twisting DVD

Twisted Pool Buddies balloon twisting DVD

Twisted Party Buddies balloon twisting DVD

Educational PDF ebooks

DVDs are a great way to watch videos and learn fun new ways to twist balloons into awesome designs, but they have their drawbacks. You can only watch them on a device with a DVD player like a desktop computer, laptop, or media player that attaches to your television. That’s great when you have the convenience of watching a DVD on one of those devices. But what about when you’re out and about, or perhaps at an event and need to learn or brush up on a balloon twisting design? PDF, or ebooks, are a great alternative to DVDs because you can keep them on your phone or tablet and give them a quick look anywhere you go. Stretch has produced a line of PDF books that cover a wide range of balloon twisting categories, and even has a book on running a balloon business, and another one full of terrible jokes, puns, and other humor. They are all available in his store on Some of the books are collections of designs, and there are others that feature a single design. Click on the PDF book image to visit Stretch’s store and pick up some new PDF books today.

PDF balloon twisting books by Stretch