A little about Stretch

Wendell “Stretch” Clendennen


Wendell “Stretch” Clendennen, a.k.a. Stretch the Balloon Dude, is an internationally known balloon artist, photographer, and entrepreneur. Gaining the nickname of Stretch as a teenager due his tall, lanky frame, Wendell started twisting balloons in 1989 as Stretch the Clown. After about 9 years he dropped the makeup and Stretch the Balloon Dude was born.  Stretch has taught at major balloon conventions and lectures across the US, and has also produced an internationally selling line of instructional DVDs and PDF books about the art of balloon twisting. All of the balloon designs featured were created and photographed by Stretch.

Stretch took an interest in photography after taking a class in high school where he learned the basics, along with film and print developing in the darkroom. Photography was a hobby for many years, until around 2005 when Stretch starting getting more serious about increasing his skills as a photographer. Since then, he has earned a certificate of Professional Photography through the New York Institute of Photography, and has several successful portfolios on major stock sites like Adobe Stock, ShutterStock and more. Along with being an avid nature and wildlife photographer, Stretch contracts as a real estate photographer for a national company, and also teaches private lessons on photography.

Wendell "Stretch" Clendennen a.k.a. Stretch the Balloon Dude